About The Fautor

Fautor redefines the communication between creators and fans with blockchain technology.

Fautor Foundation aims to solve problems existing web services cannot solve with blockchain technology in partnership with Fantrie.

Fantrie is focused on creating a fan community platform with over 900 creators. Fautor aims to maximize the value of the Creator-Fan Ecosystem based on its partnership with Fantrie.

Token Distribution

Sales : 250,000,000 FDM
Marketing : 375,000,000 FDM
Partners : 500,000,000 FDM
Foundation & team : 500,000,000 FDM
Eco System : 750,000,000 FDM
Reserve : 125,000,000 FDM
Token Total : 2,500,000,000 FDM
FDM SCA : 0xb1834e4e773a180168f2292e036ca8e17f86196f
NFT SCA : Fantrie Pebbles 0x60ad57f39b235640df83e434caab2dfa6a62838b
Fandom SC Audit :
Market :
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Partners
  • Foundation & team
  • Eco System
  • Reserve

Fautor Eco System

Fautor provides the token ecosystem for fan business.
Fautor Foundation plans to provide many services for fans to enjoy based on NFT and tokens.

  • Creators

    Creators produce content with NFTs and sell them. Fantrie has sold over 30,000 NFTs, and fans are viewing the content.

    Managing issued NFTs is about managing their intellectual property and fans. Issued NFTs from Fautor and Fantrie can be easily managed.

  • Fans

    Fans can purchase NFTs and receive various activities and rewards based on them. Only fans holding the creator's NFTs can get priority for the following NFT content.

    Priorities can be changed through secondary transactions, and fans can complete their collections by collecting continuously produced NFT content.

Fautor and Fantrie

Fantrie collaborates with Fautor to actively introduce blockchain technology to provide creators and fans with a web 3.0 experience.

Fantrie Pebbles(Creators’ NFTs)

Fantrie's creators can issue and manage NFTs for their fans, which can be used as a basis for various services provided by Fautor.

Fantrie Pebbles(Creators’ NFTs)
Fautor Launchpad

Fautor Launchpad is a service that provides a web3.0 experience to creators and fans. Creators set small goals and fans support them.

Fautor Launchpad

Fautor Foundation values the voices of FDM holders and has implemented proposal and voting functions using Snapshot to actively reflect their opinions. The foundation is always ready to accept more ideas that it has not thought of.


As a partner of Klaytn Foundation, Fautor Foundation is running public End-point Nodes for Klaytn Eco System.

Network Request Type Service Provider Endpoint Namespaces Node Type
Testnet RPC Fautor Foundation klay,eth,net,debug Full klay,eth,net,debug Full
Testnet Websocket Fautor Foundation wss:// klay,eth,net,debug Full
wss:// klay,eth,net,debug Full


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